Arrests of children and young people were down by 85% this year compared to 2010, representing nearly 5,000 fewer arrests across West Mercia (which includes Telford, Wrekin and Shropshire). However, this headline does not tell the whole story.

There has been a massive growth in what the Police call ‘voluntary interviews’ or ‘voluntary appointments’ which sound less formal and more friendly and can take place at home, in a Police Station or even at school. However, the legal standing of these interviews is no different to those interviews that take place after arrest and often form the most critical part of any future Court Case. 

Such voluntary arrangements still require the police to ‘caution’ the young person, which means that children and young people can access free and independent legal advice.  You can contact us to make the arrangements for the interview to take place at a date and time suitable for yourself or ask the Police Officer to contact us directly. 

The critical importance of instructing us ahead of the interview is we can advise you of the law – and whether or not you actually need to agree to the interview! There are many occasions where the interview itself might not need to take place. 

Here at WMB Law Solicitors we have a range of experts who can assist young people wherever that voluntary interview takes place. We recognise the importance of ensuring our advice is straight talking and clear – avoiding legal wording wherever possible- and explaining the law in a way that young people can really understand. Our team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to explain the process and to ensure that you are aware of your rights and entitlements under the law. 

WMB Law can be contacted directly on 01952 291 100. Alternatively, our 24- hour ‘out of hours’ helpline can be reached on 07468 524 484.