Here we are again in January with all the tinsel, trees, fairy lights and festivities already a distant memory. Instead there are new year’s resolutions to keep and holidays to plan. For most of us it is a time of renewal and promise but sadly, for some it is a time for change and upheaval when painful decisions are made by one party in a relationship to end a marriage, civil partnership or period of co habitation.

Whether you are the party who has taken the decision to end your relationship or the party on the receiving end, when a relationship breaks down it is not unusual to feel that the jig saw that was your life has shattered in to thousands of pieces leaving you feeling lost, bewildered, confused, angry and with life changing events ahead that will inevitably be challenging and at times overwhelming in the months to come.

You will find yourself suddenly faced with a myriad of factors to consider in addition to formally ending the relationship such as decisions about any children of the relationship, who they will live with and where, whether their care will be shared and how they will be supported financially. If the family home is rented what will happen about the tenancy and how do you go about making any changes formally.

If the family home is owned what will happen to it, will one party continue to live there, if so where will the other party live. Can the equity be shared without selling up or is a sale unavoidable.

Here at WMB Law we understand the pain and complexity arising from any relationship breakdown whether you are involved in a divorce, civil partnership dissolution or ending a period of co habitation. We can help you work to resolve any aspect of your individual situation so that you can begin to look to the future with confidence.

We are happy to meet with you for a 30 minute free consultation to discuss a brief over view of your case and advise you about our costs.

Alternatively If you prefer a more detailed in depth advice meeting you might prefer to take advantage of our one hour fixed fee meetings for £96 including vat to discuss your individual options and receive advice about our fixed fee scheme.

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